Re-Evaluating Your Self-Care

Updated: Mar 11

These days the loud chatter within is getting some serious competition from our external world. More and more, we are being challenged to let go of those things that we can’t control. We are being called to slow down, simplify, or prioritize, and thus self care has become increasingly important. It’s time to check in on our personal level of self care and possibly even reframe what we consider self-care.

In order to help determine your self-care needs, start by taking an inventory of your stressors. You might find a couple things pop into your head immediately, but reflect on the question a little longer.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are your personal stressors vs. those outside of you?

What stressors are chronic vs acute? Don’t forget about stressors that were recently resolved where your body and spirit might still be in recovery mode.

Which stressors are someone else’s that you have taken on?

Have you gone through a recent major transition such as a move?

Are you overexposing yourself to the ups and downs of social media and news?

Are you worrying about loved ones?

Did you have a stressful situation that you recently went through? An awkward conversation?

Are your boundaries being challenged?

Is your physical body in recovery mode?

Has your work stress heightened?

You might find that if you open up this conversation to friends or family, you might continue to add to your list as you listen to other people discuss their stresses. It's very likely that we are experiencing stress at a greater level than we are acknowledging.

Now that you’ve completed an assessment of the stress in your life, does it feel like your self-care is adequate? The goal is not to make you feel guilty or that you're not doing enough, it's just about bringing more awareness to how you can help yourself out in areas that you might have overlooked. This isn’t about adding to your “I should” list, it’s about giving yourself a break.