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Detox Toxic Sludge From Your Lymph

and why it's important for your systematic health.

By Christie Jordan

You have this one body, which is a sophisticated network of living, breathing, interconnected, biological, chemical and energetic systems that work in equilibrium. If we lived in a perfect world, we would not be inundated with toxins through our food sources, plastics, chemicals, heavy metals, endocrine disrupters through our water supplies, and through the air we breathe. Our bodies are designed to naturally detox these toxins. However, as we age and/or depending on our toxic load, our bodies have a harder time being efficient with its ability to naturally detox. This toxic sludge can get stuck in the lymphatic system, one of the most important systems in your body for detoxing, because it doesn’t have a natural pump such as our cardiovascular system.
Over time, this congestion of toxins can create symptoms like hormonal imbalance, fatigue, poor immune response, and disease. It can affect the aging process, your body’s ability to detox heavy metals, and more. Think of your lymphatic system as either a clean river or a river filled with plastics bottles, heavy metals, viral debris, chemicals, or toxins. Your body needs help to move toxins out when it’s simply too much.
At Source Healing, we’ve noticed that in the last 4 years, more and more people who are normally able to fight off colds and viruses within a few days to weeks, are still fighting whatever virus they had for 4-8 weeks, including chronic ear and sinus congestion, leaving their bodies in a state of deep fatigue and mental despair. This is when the lymphatic clean-up needs to happen. We have been witnessing patients' symptoms improving within the first week of LET (lymphatic enhancement technology) treatment, paired with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Do you know that the liver, which is like the old-fashioned vacuum cleaner bag in your body, has its own lymph supply? It’s why we introduced this LET therapy in our clinic. It doesn’t matter how may supplements you take if your liver is congested, as it makes it harder to process. 
Now here’s the really cool thing about lymph: There was a book written by a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto called The Hidden Messages in Water. In it, he shows how our thoughts, words, and emotions impact molecules of water, which in turn can impact our personal health, as we are made up of about 60% water.  In Chinese Medicine, all emotions ARE simply energy, not good or bad, and can get stuck in the body if not released or felt. Because lymph is also made up of water in the body, our thoughts, words, emotions, traumas, can be in the water of our lymph if it hasn’t moved. In our work with LET, some people feel old emotional energy releases as they are getting treated. I personally had an experience of a release of an emotional trauma I was unaware of that stemmed from my first birthing experience.
There are things you can do to move your lymph naturally, such as exercise, dry brushing, lymph massage, rebounder, etc. There are also different food programs, fasting, detox supplements and diets you can do, and we encourage you to do what feels right for your own body. Source Healing has incorporated this state-of-the-art LET technology as a deeply effectice, safe and convenient option to make it easier for you and your busy schedule, as it is 60% more effective than just lymphatic massage alone. Here's the bonus - much like acupuncture, this technology stimulates your body's sympathetic nervous system, making it a deeply relaxing experience.

Lymph Enhancement Therapy (LET) – Use For:
·      From heavy metals
·      Liver/brain health
·      Immune health
·      Anti-Aging (great for skin health)
·      Water Retention
Hormonal Balance - toxins in the body affet Pfertility and hormonal regulation.
Pre-Post Surgery & Scar Tissue – LET helps your body prepare for and recover from surgery, stimulates collagen, and improves vascularization, thereby aiding the tissue's healing process.
Cancer Adjacent - pre, during chemo and post cancer treatments.
Mercury Remediation – use LET before and after mercury amalgam remediation.

Book your LET session here or call us at 312-335-9330.

(Using LET, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Massage, Nutrition)
·      Detox program
·      Hormonal Balance (Fertility/Menopause)
·      Graceful Youthening
·      Pre/Post Surgery & Scar Tissue Healing
·      Cancer Adjacent Program
·      Mercury Remediation Program

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