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Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Updated: May 8, 2023

What is Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

Constitutional hydrotherapy is one of the oldest methods of healing and has been utilized in treating patients for many years. The basic definition of hydrotherapy is the use of water at various temperatures to create a therapeutic effect on the body. This therapy utilizes the healing power of water, alternating hot and cold to optimize patient’s health and wellbeing. It stimulates the immune system, balances and regulates the nervous system, strengthens and heals the digestive system, improves and normalizes circulation, supports the body’s detoxification system, and helps in improving female reproductive health. Treatment consists of a combination of hot and cold towel application to the chest, abdomen, and back. Alternating hot and cold towels to the body drives therapeutic effect to almost every system and organ in the body. The overall effects of this treatment are exceptional with seeing improvement as soon as after one treatment.

What to Expect During Treatment?

Treatment begins with a thorough assessment of the patient and their condition. Brief history is taken to determine the course and length of treatment for each individual patient. Thereafter, each treatment will begin with a physical examination which includes basic vitals and inspection of specific areas of the body if applicable. The one hour treatment will begin with patient comfortably lying face up on the table with the application of a hot towel to the chest and abdomen. The patient then will be covered with a sheet and wool blanket, allowing the heat of the towel to bring the blood and other fluids up to the surface of the body. Once the skin is warmed, a cold towel is applied to the patient’s chest and abdomen again covered with a sheet and wool blanket. Once the patient is able to warm up the cold towel, it is then exchanged with a dry towel on the torso. The process is then repeated on patient’s back, first starting with the hot towel and then exchanging it for the cold. The treatment concludes with taking patient’s vitals again to monitor changes in temperature and blood pressure. At the end of the treatment, a gentle friction rub to the skin will revive and awaken you after a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

Book your hydrotherapy session with our own Dr. Reecha Patel, ND here. (Available on Saturdays in Chicago only)


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