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The world can drag you out of center with its demands and noise. Learn mindful meditation techniques to modulate stress levels and enhance your personal practice of self-awareness through our acupuncture sessions. Connect with your inner wisdom through our online courses or one-on-one online sessions with our founder, Christie Jordan.

Experience energy healing through these offerings:

Acupuncture Energy Work Source Healing Chicago Winnetka

Our acupuncture is based on a more emotional and mindful perspective than most clinics, as we incorporate meditation techniques and mindset training within each acupuncture treatment to heighten your awareness of self.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy is defined as "Qi," and Qi is key to the flow of vitality in the physical body and contributes to optimal wellness. Stagnated Qi can lead to physical symptoms in the body, such as pain or illness, and can also attribute to the feeling of being "stuck," or feeling out of tune with your emotions. The aim is ensure proper flow of your Qi as preventative and longevity medicine through the use of energy work in tandem with acupuncture and additional modalities.


Each of our acupuncturists bring their own unique and individual style of intuitive energy work to the table, which can prompt deeper healing beyond just the physical. This approach of blending energy work with physical therapies makes for inspiring and therapeutic sessions.

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Major life transitions, trauma, stress and anxiety, and the feeling of being "stuck" in life can be difficult to navigate through. You have the power within yourself to unlock your true potential to heal and move forward, and we can help you get reconnected with your own personal wisdom to do just that. This is where one-on-one energy work can be a wonderful tool and support system.

In these online sessions, our founder Christie Jordan can provide intuitive guidance based on the challenges you are facing in life right now. She tunes into your body and life and incorporates healing techniques to move energy, mindset training, and grounded life coaching that will help you grow, evolve, and heal both emotionally and spiritually.


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