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You are not your symptom. You are your body's energy ecosystem.

By Christie Jordan, L.Ac.

Just like a river needs a current to flow through it to create a rich habitat and ecosystem around it, our bodies need currents to move through them to create a balanced energy ecosystem, which can be a big factor in overall well-being and embracing of life.
Just like the rivers, our bodies can get stuck with “beaver dams” or blockages, or old energies. These old energies can be from the past, from beliefs, repeated thoughts, stressors, old emotions and traumas. When we don’t let these energies flow through and out of our bodies, they can take up space by creating a blockage in the flow of Qi/Energy in our bodies. These blockages can cause physical symptoms, which are like dashboard lights of our cars turning on. And because these blockages are energies that takes residence in our bodies, it’s also easy to get emotionally triggered, which is another type of dashboard light turning on. It’s a heads up from your body.
Simply being present to the physical symptoms or emotional triggers, no matter how it feels, without judging any of it, allows the energy to flow. Our attunement in our bodies is the ongoing practice (not a “perfect”) because life is happening and we are human. There are situations, emotions, triggers that we are constantly fielding whether we are conscious of it or not. Being aware and present can make living in your skin easier. Your body is constantly talking to you with symptoms like fatigue, headache, insomnia, anxiety, pain, etc. When you get good at listening from the start, and allow it to flow, you become partners in this relationship with your body. If you are having a hard time with it, there are many tools available to you such as acupuncture, qi gong, tai qi, energy work, breathwork, etc.
Remember, you are not your symptom/pain or the story associated with the symptom (you are not the “beaver dam” that creates the pain/symptom or block of flow of Qi). You are the entire ecosystem of energy in and around your body. You have the ability to be the conscious steward of your body’s ever evolving energy system. It takes consistency and awareness. If you are going to work for anything, it may as well be on your body energy system’s behalf. It’s the most important relationship you have in this life.

Christie Jordan, L.Ac. Founding Director of Source Healing.

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