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Your Cycle as a Vital Sign

I often tell my patients how lucky women are to have a menstrual cycle. It’s one of our best physical markers letting us know if our bodies are out of balance. We are presented with an opportunity on a monthly basis to slow down our pace, tune in and connect with our bodies on a deeper level.

Having an awareness of symptoms related to the menstrual cycle is especially important for fertility patients and in turn, gives us a road map of where a patient is imbalanced. As Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, we ask a range of questions related to the cycle including:

  • Irregular cycles – an indication of an imbalance of Yin and Yang.

  • Length of menstruation & quality of flow - we are looking for at three days of good flow ideally indicating that the body is nourished and able to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

  • Color of blood – we are looking for a red that isn’t bright or dark (purple or brown can indicate stagnation).

  • Symptoms such as PMS, cramps, breast tenderness indicate stagnation.

Believe it or not, from a Chinese medicine standpoint, the menstrual cycle should be symptom free.

If you experience irregular cycles or any of the above symptoms, TCM can help you find relief on a root and constitutional level. We typically recommend three months to regulate the cycle and improve egg quality (it can take up to six months depending on the level of irregularity or in cases of amenorrhea).

Come in and see one of our acupuncturist for an evaluation and personalized plan that includes acupuncture, herbs, nutrition counseling and lifestyle tweaks to not only harmonize your cycle but also improve your quality of life.

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Image by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz

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