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Lunar New Year 2023: Three Cues From the Water Rabbit

by Christie Jordan, L.Ac.

We are saying goodbye to 2022, the year of the Tiger, and we are entering the lunar year of the Water Rabbit. The Rabbit is a peaceful, calm, gentle, and playful creature that brings an energy that is welcomed after a turbulent Tiger year. That turbulence was evident in the world stage externally and showed up as disruptions for many of us internally.

Water Rabbit cues us to:

1. Welcome the feeling of being "unhinged."

Many of us were "unhinged" last year in obvious and not so obvious ways. If you’ve had a new baby, moved, had a breakup, gotten married, tried to get pregnant, had a health crises, lost a loved one, shifted job situations, shifted out of friendships, had a shakeup in your partnership, became an empty nester, struggled with family, etc, you have experienced turbulence and disruptions. Not-so-obvious ways would be the subtle ways you respond to those disruptions, people, triggers, and situations that are repetitive and drain your Qi. If you are constantly thinking about the disruptions, talking about it, mentally swirling in it, you are staying in the turbulent energy. This turbulence unhinged a lot of us. But that’s not a bad thing. Welcome it! The unknown is scary for our ego minds, so we move into resistance or try to take control of things we really have no control over. If you’ve had even minor personal disruptions, perhaps it is an energy shift out of the old ways of being and thinking that weren’t aligned to you, but you were holding onto because it’s what you knew. Even constantly trying to “heal” as if you are broken keeps you trying to control something you have no control over, and it keeps you from being present in the moment, which is where everything happens. If you were holding onto a level of perfectionism, overthinking or controlling when/how things are happening, last year’s inner disruptions taught many of us that it’s futile and exhausting. Many of you may be noticing that you respond differently to triggers now, or you move out if it faster, or shake things off faster. You may be noticing greater trust in yourself or be feeling more empowered even though things aren’t perfect. These are the shifts that can move us out of turbulence and into calm. Cue the Water Rabbit. It’s moving us into greater trust in the unknown in every moment - this will bring a sense of calm.

2. Let go and surrender.

Perhaps the Water Rabbit is cueing us to move into more calm, playfulness, and peace even WITH the disruption and turbulence happening. Perhaps this collective exhaustion is gifting us by aiding us into greater surrender into the flow of life. Surrender isn’t doing nothing or giving up. Surrender is allowing us to shift the control panel back into our hearts so we can really feel and see what is true for us and live from that space (not react from survival and wounding- which is what we are unhinging from).

3. Nourish yourself on a root level.

The healing and creative Water element flows, goes deep and within. Perhaps Water Rabbit is cueing us to go deep and nourish ourselves at a root level, because we have a level of control and agency over that. How deeply can you nourish yourself, nourish your creative, playful self? Can you build your inner reserves? Can you nourish the roots of your tree so strong that no matter what storm comes, your tree is rooted, grounded and safe? We have no control over the storms, but we have agency over nourishing and building our inner reserves. Water has the power to create a pathway through a boulder - in given time. Water teaches us that going within and trusting oneself in the flow of life through the unknown can be a powerful space to be.

Happy Lunar New Year from the Source Healing family. We hope it is a heart-centered year, full of presence and compassion toward yourself and others, and a year where you can live more fully aligned to the beautiful truth that is within you.

Christie Jordan, L.Ac.

Founder of Source Healing

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