• “My life has completely changed…”

    "My life has completely changed since starting regular weekly acupuncture at Source Healing." more

  • “I can be myself…”

    "Source Healing is a place where I can rest, be myself and experience the power within me. " more

  • “Something very special…”

    "The minute I walked through the entrance door, I knew there was something very special about this wellness practice. The atmosphere has a calm, welcoming vibe and every staff person is friendly and makes you feel at home." more

  • “Incredible experience.”

    "Incredible experience. I have tried many acupuncturists and I am yet to find one as special as Christie Jordan." more

  • “Can’t be put into words…”

    "There’s a vibe that exists at Source Healing that can’t be put into words and I think it’s one that is created from the people that work there and what they believe in." more



  • Stress

    Insomnia, IBS, Depression

  • Pain

    Back pain, tendonitis, arthritis

  • Fertility

    Amenorrhea, PCOS, IVF


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The Source Healing Difference

The Source Method™ – Created by Christie Hwang Jordan, this proprietary method ensures an individualized session using acupuncture & oriental medicine blended with a spiritual, emotional and energetic focus.

The Source Think Tank – Our practitioners work together using the Source Method™ to find the best action for your case.

Meditation Training – As part of our proprietary process we teach a specific meditation as a tool to modulate stress levels.

Established – For the past 16 years, Source Healing has been a trusted, professional and confidential provider of Chicago acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a strong word-of-mouth clientele.

Source Healing accepts Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Saving Accounts (HSA).