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Christie uses her deep inner wisdom to help you find yours. Whether you take one course or the series, you'll leave feeling empowered, inspired and more aligned with your truest self.   - Embody Your Light
Thank you for your dynamic and powerful seminars. I sense all that you are saying about this time.  Your guidance and inspiration - and ability to deeply heal - is seminal to an energy that is being released - the channels in me cleared. I am deeply grateful.   
-The Qi of Self-Compassion
Extremely powerful session!  Thank you for every part of it - including the story, felt like a big opening to hear and experience you telling that story.  My heart was beating so strongly as you led the final meditation.   - The Qi of Self-Compassion
This seminar helped me to make sense of what has been a difficult and chaotic year. I feel empowered to go forward and start my upward spiral!   - The Awakened Now Foundations
I found this webinar to be informative as well as calming, restorative and cathartic. The guided meditation at the end was wonderful and empowering. Afterward I started crying that was a release of some kind of baggage. It is amazing how Christie can convey so much even through a webinar.  - Achieving Mindful Immunity
Christie and the team at The Awakened Now are so incredibly thoughtful and offer programs that are both practical and emotional. Both their in-person services and wellness workshops are the best thing for staying calm in the storm and living your best life!  - Achieving Mindful Immunity
I learn actions from Christie's webinars that I can immediately put into practice. She puts so much of herself into the presentation, sharing her triggers, helps one realize you are not alone and together we can have an impact. 
- Creating a Crystal Grid
"Creating a Crystal Grid" is inspirational, motivational and informative. It is an excellent way to begin The Awakened Now series, because it helps one focus on heartfelt intentions and use a beautiful tool to help support those intentions. It is a dynamic tool that adjusts to our ever-changing unfolding.   - Creating a Crystal Grid
Christie is a dynamic woman with an immense about of knowledge. She helped me conceive my two children. Acupuncture got me pregnant. I tell everyone that. And my experience with Christie changed my world view.   - Empowered Menopause
There is so much interesting and helpful information in these sessions - there are many times I have "aha" moments, and it leaves me wanting to learn more. I always finish each session feeling uplifted. Thank you Christie!   - The Qi of Self-Compassion
I find Christie's "stories" very beneficial, hearing about her own hurdles, realizations in conjunction to other clients I find very rewarding and interesting. This class is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, your inner guide - and how your thoughts towards yourself can either hinder or help with your own relationships with others, its an opportunity to hit the pause button and re-evaluate.   - The Qi of Self-Compassion
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