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My first time trying acupuncture was nothing short from amazing! David spent time with me reviewing my history in detail, calmed my fears and together, we devised a plan. When I say he carried me through the scariest and roughest time in my life, is an understatement. He was my only hope as, I had exhausted traditional medicine. I'm incredibly grateful for the care I received, the compassion he possesses and time he took with me. I've learned, it is okay to cry with your practitioner. A million thanks to David. I owe you my life! ~ Your favorite client :-)    - B.P.
Jia is really good. Her care is very comprehensive and she delivers more general content / education that is helpful to understand. I really trust her in a short period of time. She's very qualified and it comes through in her practice.    - Kimberly T.
I only write a review if it's absolutely special and really stands out, not just the quality of the service, but how you are treated when you walk in and how you feel when you leave. I have been going to source for over 6 years, what originally brought me was stress because I couldn't get pregnant. I truly feel Christie Jordan kept me calm and breathing, and moving with "ease and grace!" Fast forward through the years I have worked with several acupuncturist there, all who have brought amazing knowledge and healing. Currently, I am in the best most healing hands I have ever found. I can't even put it into words, all I can say, it's life changing. They've changed my life, my body and my spirit are in a completely different place when I leave. I love them and oh yeah, so does my husband!
Most important, the glue that holds it all together,
Allison, she is the office coordinator, but that title just isn't enough, she has the best, warmest, loveliest smile, it makes you forget any stress, angst, or frustration you might be holding on to. She is just outstanding and I love just being around her energy!
Here is to another 6 years together! Thank you Source Healing!   - Jodi D.
Words can not express these astonishing people and this powerful healing space. Changed my life and put me on the path to recovery. Thank you.   - Tessamarie C.
What a beautiful, healing atmosphere! I appreciated that my acupuncturist read over my intake form beforehand so already had a good idea of why I was there and what I wanted to accomplish. She asked questions and was very supportive and kind. I love her truly holistic view - we did calming meditations and she gave me some great ideas for a supplement I could take and an ancient Chinese cream I could use to help my skin in addition to the acupuncture and gua sha. It was one of the coolest healing experiences I've ever had and I scheduled my follow-up apt right after finishing the first. I will be back, regularly. Thank you!
P.S. Office staff is excellent too and helpful with insurance.   - Ciara B.
I have been to Source Healing for a few appointments. They are absolutely incredible! The staff at Source Healing are wonderful people--and the treatments are truly personalized. Simply put, I would highly recommend it!    - Elise T.
This place is wonderful! Just stepping foot into the office feels like a therapeutic session in itself. You're met immediately with comfort and a relaxed, centered atmosphere.
Every session was incredible and I felt great for days/weeks afterward. The healers here take into account every aspect of your life and your self, and truly personalize your treatment to your individual needs - it's impossible to not feel incredibly taken care of and nurtured.
I highly recommend Source! Go just once - it's addicting and I guarantee you'll be back :)   - Kristen L.

Source Healing is a place where I can rest, be myself and experience the power within me. The space is bright and inviting. The staff is fantastic, and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed since I started about a year and a half ago.
Christie takes the time to listen to every single concern I have and has this gift to make the heaviest load or stress feel like a feather! She is passionate about what she does, and it shows every time.

I would recommend acupuncture at Source Healing to anybody who needs physical or emotional support during difficult times. The use of herbs is very personalized and is a wonderful complement to the treatments.
Wonderful and serene space where you can really feel that the source of your healing is within yourself.    - Karine K.

Source Healing is an amazing resource for wholistic healing and care. Christie is thoughtful and full of knowledge, grace and incredible resources. I am so grateful for the whole team at Source Healing!   - Abby D.

I can't say enough great things about Source Healing. I've been seeing the full team for over 6 months now and I feel the healthiest I've ever been - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Diabetes runs in my family and I've always struggled to control my hypoglycemia (genetic blood sugar issue) - it's totally gone after a few months of seeing the acupuncturists at Source. They've also help treat many chronic muscular issues I have from a ski accident and emotional blockages. Christie, the owner, is straight up magical, and worth every penny, but it's really the full staff that makes Source Healing a home away from home and amazing healing center. I recommend them to everyone looking for acupuncture/holistic health/healing.   - Cara K.

I really LOVE Source Healing... and how you answer your phone. People know you are there for questions and concerns. It makes for a really wonderful, total focus on healing. Thank you.   - M.L.

I love Source Healing. The office has a very serene, pleasing ambience from the second you arrive. There are a ton of magazines to read, but I've never had to wait more than a few minutes for my appointment.
I've had acupuncture with Christie, the owner, and every time I leave I feel so relaxed and happy yet simultaneously energized. I've seen another practitioner there as well, and in either case you get very personalized treatment and they listen to what you say. I also like that they don't push herbs if you're not interested.
Definitely recommend Source Healing, especially in comparison to another acupuncturist I tried first (who made disparaging comments about my weight and was completely unprofessional).    - Kathleen C.

This is probably the fourth place I’ve ever tried for acupuncture. The other places I’ve been to were all good, but Source Healing can stick it to me whenever they want.

I came here after seeing how Christie really made a difference with my significant other who is much more relaxed and sleeping better at night. What I really like about Christie is that aside from checking your pulse, looking at your tongue and listening to whatever you’ve got to say and following up with exploratory questions, she also does a sort of a guided meditation before leaving me to relax on the table with the needles. I really feel like she channels all of that high level, positive energy into the care of her patients.

Even more surprising was that although she knew that I was going elsewhere for acupuncture, she never said anything other than positive words about the other place. I also never felt pressured to book another session, and she only offered me herbs after I asked. Although I’ve only had two sessions, I’ve felt great after each one. The space is relaxing, clean and quiet, and the care that you get is really so much more focused than what I’ve experienced elsewhere. Will definitely be back for more treatments!   - S.S.

Source Healing is amazing. The entire team is welcoming, excellent at listening and addressing concerns, and helping ease pain and decrease stress. I have had acupuncture in several offices across the city but Source is BY FAR the best. Highly recommend!           - Jordan M.

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