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David has a rare gift to read people and their health needs with ease. I have seen David through a pregnancy and post partum and must say any ailment or stress I did endure, his deep knowledge and acupuncture techniques always helped me be my best, especially with two other children at home and a full time job. Making time for David each week was the best investment I made for myself and my family this year. I highly recommend David as he is a highly skilled expert and would encourage anyone to seek his care from pregnancy to everyday issues from stress to pain management and more.   - C.R.

My first baby was born a few months ago and she is a truly sweet baby. Totally surreal. I will forever be grateful for what you did to help her get here.   - J.S.

We have our bundle of joy after a difficult journey. My Source Healing acupuncturists were essential in making our already difficult journey stress free. The mindfulness and breathing techniques were helpful during the pregnancy, during labor and even now to keep my mind sane. I can't thank them both enough for their support. Highly recommend these angels!     - S. K.

As someone with stage four endometriosis, I started acupuncture while trying to get pregnant with my first child. After five egg retrievals and three failed rounds of IVF, I came to Source Healing for treatment before undergoing my final embryo transfer. I started acupuncture  in advance of my transfer to support blood flow and overall wellness. My life was forever changed when a couple weeks later after years of trying I confirmed that I was pregnant with my daughter. Then at about five months post-partum after having my daughter, I decided that I would like to start to focus my acupuncture on helping to prepare for what I thought would be another round of IVF for a second child. I never made it to that next round of IVF, because after a couple weeks of working with my Source Healing acupuncturist I was pregnant AGAIN for the second time totally naturally. I credit acupuncture with helping my mind and body be in a healthy place to support the embryo transfer and ultimately two healthy pregnancies.   - Jackie P.

As most women who experience infertility, I assumed that it would be a cakewalk, so at 36, my husband and I decided it was time. I assumed that if there was anything wrong, it could be fixed and ultimately, I would have that child I so longed for. I spoke with my OB/GYN, I did the temperature charts, was told all looked well, and was finally referred onto an RE. I ran the gamut on ART; the timing, the testing, the probing, the excruciating waits; month after month after month. After two failed IUIs, I was told I needed surgery for fibroids, most of whom have had successful pregnancies without acknowledging the tumors. I decided it was time to change REs, and begin the whole bloody process again‚the timing, the testing, the probing, the excruciating waits.


After another two failed IUIs, and what was now being called “unexplained infertility,” this RE, too, said that the open myomectomy was a necessary evil. So, now the count is three out of four docs telling me to have the procedure, so I did‚which meant four months of Lupron and six months of recovery, 10 months of no baby; not even trying.

Uneventful, but again, I should now be fixed, right? An attempted IVF cancelled due to lack of follicles. At this point, I am being told that we could try another, but if the next was cancelled, this doc was also finished with me unless I opted to go with donor eggs. The pressure was on, and lo and behold, a second cancelled IVF. Twelve vials of drugs per day for 8 days only to be told that my body is producing nothing. Looking at this paragraph, it's astounding to me that I am covering three years worth of ART; three years of my life; three years of undeniable and complete heartbreak that I carried with me on a daily basis.


When my second IVF was cancelled, I knew the jig was up; I’d already been told that my eggs were too old and there was nothing he could do for me. I sat in front of my office in tears venting to a very good (and very knowledgeable) friend and I can remember saying “a reproductive endocrinologist is the end all, be all in infertility. If he can’t help me have this baby, who can?” This very good friend asked if I was open minded enough to try “alternatives,” because “you know, there are other things out there than Western medicine.” Whoa, there are? Who’d have thought? I was pondering the donor egg option while searching the internet for an acupuncturist; hopefully, one who specialized in infertility. My feeling was that I was in no hurry to do the donor thing. I would try acupuncture for a spell, and perhaps two or three years down the line, I could opt for the donor route. No rush, you know?


Then I found Christie Jordan. I spoke with her, and I spoke with one of her other “hopeless cases,” who happened to be 7 months pregnant when we talked. I made an appointment with Christie. I saw her once a week for four weeks. I was then scheduled to begin seeing her every other week; once around the time of ovulation, and once just prior to, or during menses. As luck would have it, I cancelled my fifth appointment. I was pregnant. The only person who was NOT surprised by this news was Christie, oh, and her other “hopeless case” who had just delivered her baby boy when I called to thank her. Me? Well, sure, you know, you could have knocked me over with a feather. The test was bad, the test was wrong, I waited too long, I didn’t wait long enough. Nope, it was the real deal. I am now the doting mother of a 2-1/2 year old girl who the sun rises and sets upon. I delivered her just after my 40th birthday.

Ironically, when I had my follow-up visit with my RE regarding my last failed IVF, I was pregnant, but did not yet know it. I told him I was taking a break, that I wouldn’t be pushed into a decision about donor eggs just yet and that I wanted to try alternative treatments. The bottom line; I hung on every word my RE said. I bought into the mentality that that my sole chance of having my own baby relied on the Western side of the hemisphere. It wasn’t my sole chance, and it isn’t yours either.


When you consider what you may have already put your body through, or what you’re considering putting your body through, you have nothing whatsoever to lose in trying something far less invasive, and far more relaxing. Try it alone, try it in tandem, but try it. It worked for me, and I’m one of those people who, while I always had that positive mental attitude, just assumed it would only happen to other people and I’d never be that lucky. And I was, and continue to be every day when I wake up.  - A.T.

After having a recent health scare and spending all of my young adult life in school and at work, I was very afraid that if I didn’t make some changes I might be in for some serious health issues. I sought out acupuncture because I wanted to make some changes.

I was hoping that through acupuncture I could figure out what my next career step would be and how to better take care of my health. Although I talk in very general terms about acupuncture I did see someone once for similar reasons and did not have a good experience with that person and to be frank, they kind of creeped me out. They didn’t talk to me much and treated me in a cold room. But, I tried again several months later and just happened to be lucky enough to see Christie. Her treatment and approach and the setting she created was a million times different than the first person I saw.


I’ve seen Christie off and on for years, but I don’t think I would have continued with acupuncture if it was not for her. What I experienced when going to the very first session and each session after that is something that is hard to explain in words - basically from the very first time I saw her I left with the most incredible high about myself and life. After leaving, little traffic jams didn’t bother me, I didn’t feel afraid and I felt like I could conquer the world. The other thing that I experienced after going several times was that I started to change in very subtle ways. I feel more balanced mentally and physically.

After the health scare, the symptoms I had did not return. That in itself I attribute to the direction that Christie provided. I also have become more connected to my body and how I look. I want to look and feel the best I can at all times. Acupuncture assisted me in accomplishing this goal.

For me, acupuncture is a significant part of the whole regime that I put myself on after my health scare, and this regime has included changes in diet, jobs, exercise and how I think about things. Although all components of this regime are critical, I don’t think I would have known how to connect the dots and have everything work to help me feel better if it wasn’t for Christie. So, whenever I feel I’ve become a little off balance or feel I need some serious thinking time about who I am and what I’m doing I go to Source Healing. I realize that seeing Christie is a part of the work I must do for myself and it is something that I must work on continually, but that’s ok because I know where to go to assist myself.


I again visited Christie when I wanted to get pregnant and I saw her throughout my pregnancy. She helped me focus on the act of how to become pregnant and she helped me prepare for delivery. Those are very simple statements to make, but again it is the work we do together in each session: our talking, the feeling of the room, where she places the needles, the smell of the room, the assistance she provides in having me visualize where I’ve been and where I want to go, all of which help me get to where I need to be. In life we all need certain things to assist us in our development. We are all a work in progress and it is that continual focus on knowing that we have to work on ourselves that is important. I feel better about myself today than I ever have in my life. I owe this feeling in significant part to the work that Christie and I have done together. For me, she has been nothing short of a miracle worker. I am eternally thankful.   - R.R.

My husband and I decided we wanted to start a family a year after we were married. My OB/GYN suggested that it might take up to 9 months for a healthy couple our age to conceive. After being on the pill for about 14 years‚my body didn’t seem to want to cooperate. I was also concerned because I had been an egg donor in my late 20s for a family member (who successfully got pregnant!).

I was unsure what effect the use of fertility, such as Lupron, would have on my future reproductive health. It took about 6 months for my period to return and when it did‚my cycle was irregular. I was charting my basal body temperature and it didn’t appear I was even ovulating. I was familiar with acupuncture and had sought treatment in the past for other ailments, so I didn’t hesitate to try it when a friend recommended I see Christie at Source Healing.

At our first session, I was able to address all my concerns, both physical and emotional to Christie. Unlike Western medicine, this felt personally tailored to my needs. The treatment was extremely powerful! I immediately began her recommended herbal regimen following our session. My cycle quickly regulated and I was pregnant in the next month! I’m happy to report my son just celebrated his first birthday!   - S.B.

I have suffered from severe endometriosis since I’ve been a teenager. The uterine cysts grow consistently and I had three surgeries when I was in my 20s to remove the growths. My husband and I hoped that pregnancy for us would be possible, but knew conceiving would be the tricky part. Because endometriosis is the leading cause of infertility, we were encouraged to try in vitro immediately. Still, we wanted to try on our own, feeling we had nothing to lose.

Our doctor’s concern was that once I stopped the birth control pills (which I had been taking for 13 years), I’d grow new cysts and would be in a lot of discomfort. We still decided to give it a try. We were very fortunate to hear about Christie Jordan through our family, and I paid her a visit.


Words cannot describe my feelings of peace and understanding from my first moments with her. I asked if she could help manage my pain in order to have time to conceive. Christie helped me restore my inner balance and my body responded in a very fast manner. Soon after, to our total shock, I was pregnant! My husband didn’t believe it, we were prepared for failure, and my doctor couldn’t explain it. I was monitored very closely by our endocrinologist and to his and our surprise, the pregnancy was perfectly normal and grew beautifully inside my body. We have a beautiful son who is now 3 years old.

We were happy to have one child and felt extremely blessed. We decided to give it one more try. This time we were moving out of state, there were lots of changes in our lives and still we wanted to see if we could conceive again. I remembered my doctor’s words: “I don’t think it will happen again.” Yet, we believed.

I was able to see Christie only one time before our move. A few months passed by and I found myself again in another endocrinologist’s office discussing our strategy for removing my new growths (possible surgery) and checking my tubes to see if they were open. To our astonishment we found out I was pregnant again! I had internal bleeding in the beginning but after that initial scare, our pregnancy went very well, and we are proud parents of 6 month old baby girl. My cysts were healed by the pregnancy, and I feel great.   - J.N.

I was referred to Christie two years ago by a friend. I was having problems regulating my cycle for two years, and was looking to have my third child. My friend said you have to go to Source Healing and meet with Christie she works wonders. Well sure enough she did. Within weeks I had my period, and within two months I was pregnant. I have been seeing Christie weekly ever since, and she has helped me in more than a pregnancy. Christie is able to bring balance to people's lives and has made me a better person for that. She builds a one on one relationship and is completely in tune with individual needs. Christie becomes a friend you can trust. Thank you Christie and your team for all your help.  - J.L.

After years of unexplained infertility, I decided to see Christie after hearing her name mentioned from someone with a similar situation. Christie made no promises and I didn’t expect anything, but after two sessions with her, I was surprised and ecstatic to learn I was pregnant. I don’t know what it was, but her soothing words along with her great knowledge of eastern medicine made me feel completely at ease and relaxed after sessions with her. I am now a mom of two beautiful boys; both of whom I went to see Christie before I became pregnant. I tell everyone who has back problems, infertility problems, or stressed to see Christie. She works with each person as an individual and no two people have the exact issues or problems, so each treatment is specific to the individual.   - A.N.

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