While the pressures and stresses in life may not change, the way you deal with them can. 
It begins by making fundamental changes that will create more balance, energy, and strength both mentally and physically.

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We take a modern and intuitive approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help identify root causes of disharmonies in the body. We teach you body awareness and mindset training to help you fine-tune your mind-body connection. Receive customized care and experience a range of TCM techniques during your session to help get your body back into balanced harmony.

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Pain, tension, and physical imbalances can be disruptive and interfere with even the simplest of every day activities. Our massage therapists have decades of experience and are adept at treating a wide range of different types of pain in the body, leading to a better quality of life.

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The world can drag you out of center with its demands and noise. Learn mindful meditation techniques to modulate stress levels and enhance your personal practice of self-awareness through our acupuncture sessions, virtually one-on-one, or through our online courses. Go deeper into energy healing and receive grounded guidance through an Intuitive Energy Massage.

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We are a dedicated team of board certified and licensed acupuncturists, herbalists, and bodyworkers who are passionate about the healing journey. 

The Source Healing team works collaboratively, so any practitioner you see will be fully informed about your case, enabling them to provide you with continuity of care.


When you become our patient, we become your partners in your individual healing journey. 

"If I ever need an emotional, spiritual, or physical tune up this is the first place I come. As I walk through the doors at Source Healing, I'm immediately enveloped in warmth, light, and unconditional welcoming. The treatments and staff match the ambience! I've seen the evolution of Source from the very beginning, and there is no other place I recommend as frequently and wholeheartedly." - Tiffany R.