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David you legit saved me. Woke up with literally zero pain. Told a couple buddies in a similar spot they need to go to you.

Unreal. Will definitely be coming back. If you were next to me, I'd be buying you drinks all night.


I was referred to David by my physical therapist. Reoccurring front hip pain for the past several decades was the issue I was hoping to get finally resolved. David is methodical in his treatments and adjusting in each session based on the current conditions as necessary. I realized performing successful acupuncture treatments is really a form of art. The treatments helped but amazingly after about eight sessions my hip started feeling pain-free. My physical therapist said the tightness around my front hip was not just better but gone. David also helped with a reoccurring upper back pain. I have tried many things for many years to help this hip pain. It almost feels like a miracle to be able to walk pain free. Thank you so much David!!  


-Kathleen W.

David’s treatments have changed how I think about my chronic symptoms. I came to him weary from a decade pain and afraid of needles. After experiencing real improvements for the first time, I realized I was in good hands. He is incredibly thorough (I don’t think anyone has asked me more questions). He is thoughtful, flexible, kind, and compassionate. Nothing speaks louder than results and David’s are transformative.


- Amy E.

Following up after my acupuncture appointment yesterday. First off - WOW, what a difference that made. I felt incredible, almost hyper energetically and "buzzy" afterwards, almost euphoric. That rocked my world. I feel so much more light and positive today, and like my old self (also bleeding seems to have stopped AND I almost forgot - that lump pain near my liver /lower abdomen is nearly nonexistent!). Again, THANK YOU! You really made a difference that I can feel!  


- P.D.

I entered into acupuncture treatment after spending 10 years in chronic pain, with many other symptoms. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, chronic Sciatica, IBS, and had continual sinus infections and vascular headaches/migraines. Along with daily widespread pain, I had such a huge level of fatigue that I needed to take a several hour nap each day, even after taking the Ritalin prescribed to me to help combat the daytime sleepiness.
I had tried every method I could think of to overcome all of these symptoms, including physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, epidural injections, and cortisone injections, as well as taking Cymbalta and other medications which were supposed to help the pain. My many doctors told me I was doing everything I could. Since seeing Christie for the first time this past summer, I have been on a continual path toward healing and wellness. To say that she has changed my life is an understatement. I no longer take any medications- prescription or otherwise, have been pronounced cured or in remission from Fibromyalgia by my Rheumatologist, have lost weight without even trying, and have more balance in my life than I have ever had.
I drive in to the city from the Northern suburbs every week or two, and would drive as long as it took to get to Source Healing. I consider myself blessed to have found Christie- if you are lucky enough to be treated by her or her incredible staff, you will see what I mean!  

- T. M.

I have been meeting with the Source Healing acupuncturists for a little over a year now for chronic headaches, migraines, hip pain, knee pain, as well as the common cold.
The staff goes above and beyond basic treatment. Source Healing is really about whole body/mind and do not simply treat your symptoms. She asks questions about work, stress levels, eating habits, et cetera. I have received acupuncture, scraping and cupping.
Since starting at Source Healing I have stopped take OTC cold medications and have dramatically reduced the amount of Ibuprofen I take. I went from being constantly sick and fatigued, to healthy and full of energy. If I do catch a cold, the symptoms have been less drastic and I recover much more quickly. I highly recommend Source Healing.  


- Nicole M.

Last winter, I spent weeks in Physical Therapy trying to get over hamstring pain caused from a running overuse injury. I struggled to walk for nearly two months without pain, and I felt for sure my running career was over and I'd have to defer my marathon entry. Physical Therapy wasn't progressing as quickly as I wanted and I was still feeling pain even when walking, so I started exploring alternative options to expedite my healing process.
After I went to see Christie after my first session, my hamstring pain was GONE. I was super nervous about the needles, but it wasn't painful at all. It was so satisfying to experience the intensity and pools of sensation in my trouble spots and then feeling them slowly dissipate. I'm sure the muscle strengthening at PT was helpful too, but I fully credit Christie and the Source Healing team for helping me cross the marathon finish line last fall. Well worth the investment.
Highly, highly recommend Christie and her team. They're super in tune with body needs and how to work with you on goals/issues.


- Michelle F.

I'm so grateful my wife convinced me to try acupuncture a little over a year ago! The pain in my right knee would prevent me to walk or bend it for long periods of time.  I was really scared and concerned why this was happening to me at such a young age?  
After my first session I noticed a huge improvement with my knee and my overall health and energy levels in my entire body! Christie was really able to understand me after just a few minutes and heal what was going wrong with my body and energy. It was much more than just an acupuncture, I could really feel the healing from her into my mind and body!
Here I am a year later running every day and enjoying everything I've struggled with before acupuncture. Thank you Source Healing for the impact you've made into my life!!  


- Rosario M.

After visiting several doctors, MRI, X-rays and occupational therapy for my "carpal tunnel" in my wrists, I had to explore and decided to give Source Healing a try.  I'm very skeptical, and never tried acupuncture in my life, but after 1st week, I saw a huge difference, and after 5 weeks,  I was healed. I am still making my life changes, but what I was taught to do on my own from this place has given me an opportunity to live a healthier life, and help my kids and family on that path.  It's amazing how much my life has changed since visiting Christie's office. Thank you to all the staff, definitely recommend anyone and everyone.  


- Harry P.

If you have chronic pain, Source Healing is the answer. I really can't say enough about them--it's no exaggeration to say they've changed my life. When I first came to them and met Christie, I'd been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain for almost ten years. I'd done PT, massage, chiro, other acupuncture, you name it, but only found temporary relief (if any). Literally, one session with Christie changed all that; she totally cured my pain, and the relief has lasted! Since then I've been to all of the practitioners at Source Healing, and they're all terrific. If you feel like you've tried everything, I sincerely recommend trying this one last thing.


- David P.

As an avid runner, I was plagued by pain in my left hip and leg, probably due to overuse. That coupled with the fact that my job is very sedentary caused much discomfort during the day. Regular massages were a temporary solution to a chronic problem. Deciding to try acupuncture was one of the best things I have done in terms of tending to my overall health and well being. My pain has been reduced by at least 90% and I feel great.   


- B.C.

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