Chinese Herbs

For over 5,000 years, all parts of plants (leaf, stem, flower, root) and also minerals have been used as tools for healing. At Source Healing, the herbal consultation is incorporated into the overall acupuncture treatment because they complement each other. Daily herbal therapy at home helps maintain the focus of the treatment goals in between acupuncture visits. The herbal consultation is also offered as an a la carte service for half an hour.

Herbal Consultation

In Oriental Medicine, symptoms are often manifestations of root level disharmonies. During an herbal consultation, your practitioner will “connect the dots” with a thorough intake of your health to get to your root diagnosis. The practitioner will also observe your tongue and feel the quality of your pulse to get a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your body. With the sum of information, the practitioner will then create a custom formula that will support both your overall constitution and your specific focus. Herbal formulas are adjusted accordingly as change in your condition dictates. Herbs are sold separately from the Source Healing Apothecary.

The Apothecary

Our Apothecary is made up of the finest herbal sources we can find. We source them from American herbal companies who use stringent testing for heavy metals and toxins during the growth and processing of herbs. These medicinals can only be administered by trained and licensed herbalists. There is a difference between what we prescribe, which are powerful medicinal herbs, and supplements that are for sale to the general public.

The Apothecary consists of the powdered form of herbs. It allows us to customize formulas to the individual’s specific needs and root diagnosis. It is as easy as mixing the formulas with water and drinking it at specified times of the day. We also carry pill and tincture forms of some herbal formulas.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are a kind of vibrational medicine. Herbal therapy works on a more physical level; essences treat more specifically at an emotional and spiritual level, and are natural, safe and side-effect free.

The key to taking flower essences is frequency and awareness. Each time the patient takes the flower essences, they not only are adding a vibrational medicinal to their physical body; they are also shifting their consciousness back to the changes they are making and to their own forward movement.

Your practitioner may recommend flower essences upon initial intake, or separate consultations are available.