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We take a modern and intuitive approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help identify root causes of disharmonies in the body. We teach you body awareness and mindset training to help you tune into your mind-body connection. Receive customized care and experience a range of TCM techniques during your session to help get your body back into balanced harmony.

During your initial treatment, your acupuncturist will review your health history and get to know you more as an individual, as well as educate you on our method and Eastern medicine if you're curious. Afterwards, they will move forward with administering acupuncture along points on your body that correlate with your conditions and concerns. 

Here are other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and therapies that may be included in your customized session for no additional fee (based on need and time allowance):

- Cupping

Cupping is the use of suction cups to bring tension and toxins to the surface of the skin from deep layers. This is great for back pain, asthma, colds, and more. This technique has been used historically not only by the Chinese, but Latin, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European cultures for generations. If your body is stagnant, it will leave distinct reddish-purple marks on the area it is administered for 3 days up to a week.

- Gua Sha

Gua sha is a gentle scraping of the skin's surface (without breaking the skin) to target muscle tissue where the flow of oxygen and nutrients has been impeded by tension and blockage. It is a therapeutic technique that feels similar to a deep massage. This is great for back, neck, and shoulder pain. It is also used to strengthen the immune system at the onset of colds. In ancient times, the tool used to administer gua sha was an animal horn. At Source Healing, we use a jade tool or a ceramic soup spoon. If your body is stagnant, it will leave distinct reddish-purple marks on the area it is administered for 3 days up to a week.

- Moxibustion

This technique incorporates the burning of a Chinese herb called Mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris) over acupuncture points in the body. It opens up acupuncture channels on the body and promotes energy flow where this is stagnation, coldness, or deficiency. The warming of specific locations on the body is a welcome comfort to individuals with these conditions. This tool is also commonly used for safe, effective breech baby turns. It can either be placed directly on the body, or by hovering the burning herb directly above a specific acupuncture point.

- Tui Na

Tui Na is simply acupressure, which is the use of hands and fingers on the acupuncture points on the body instead of needles. This is different from massage because the focus is to use acupuncture points and channels to address the patient's root diagnosis. Essentially, this is acupuncture without the needles. The goal of Tui Na is to release blocked energy and improve flow.

- E-stim Acupuncture

Electroacupuncture stimulates the points linked to your symptoms to help restart the flow of qi. Two needles are placed around the point while a machine delivers an electrical impulse to them. Electroacupuncture is intended to help increase the potential healing effects of standard acupuncture.

This current generally applies more stimulation to acupoints than needle twirling or other hand manipulation techniques an acupuncturist might use.

- Eastern medicine nutrition and/or herbal recommendations

Conscious nutrition is a foundation for lasting health and well-being. What you eat feeds every cell in the body. If your intention is to heal, how consciously you feed your cells will make a difference. Our practitioners will guide you to foods that are harmonious with your constitution from an Eastern medicine perspective. Foods that do not harmonize with your constitution can worsen a condition or be a contributor to a disease pattern. This type of nutritional counseling is incorporated into each acupuncture treatment based on need.


Pain, tension, and physical imbalances can be disruptive and interfere with even the simplest of every day activities. Our massage therapists have decades of experience and are adept at treating a wide range of different types of pain in the body, leading to a better quality of life.


The world can drag you out of center with its demands and noise. Learn mindful meditation techniques to modulate stress levels and enhance your personal practice of self-awareness through our acupuncture sessions, virtually one-on-one, or through our online courses.

Christie provides intuitive guidance based on challenges you are facing in life right now.  Christie incorporates energy work, intuitive guidance, meditation, stones, and bigger picture view on what is going on with your specific life scenario.  She will tune into the energy of your body and your overall life to find the themes that help you grow and heal emotionally and spiritually.


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