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Source Healing is PHENOMENAL!!! They are dedicated to guiding me through my spiritual journey via acupuncture. I'm blessed to have been referred to Source Healing.  

- Ashley S.
Had my first acupuncture session recently. Source Healing is wonderful! So sweet, comforting, helpful, and amazing. I’ve been so stressed out lately, and their soothing and efficient techniques helped that tension completely leave my body. They had several suggestions to help me achieve my health goals, and went above and beyond to provide me with further articles and resources too. I was a bit nervous about acupuncture because I hate needles, but I didn’t feel anything except relaxed and healed. I’m so glad I made an appointment and can’t wait for my next session.     

- Mary F.
Source Healing has done wonders for me. I lost my father two and a half years ago. At the time I incorporated acupuncture as part of my healing process. It helped me with the grieving process. In addition, it has helped me with my endometriosis and lower back pain. I am so thankful to my practitioner, Christie Jordan. All of the practitioners are mindfully chosen so you can’t go wrong. Recently I had a therapeutic massage and it was one of the best I’ve ever gotten. Then, I had an acupuncture treatment. Afterwards, I felt like I was walking on air with such a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Aaaah! 

- G.M.
Christie is a true healer in every aspect. Whether it's healing physical symptoms or evaluating one's spiritual awareness, she possesses the gifts of connection and intuitiveness. She has been one of the most important aspects of my life, and it continues to be so.
I came to know Christie after my father passed away. As my journey with Christie began, I immediately felt a sense of peace and connection with her. Losing my father was one of the most difficult times in my life and, as such, the grief affected not only my emotional being, but my physical being as well. I suffered from traumatic shock, digestive disorders, insomnia, and a spiritual emptiness resulting from my father's absence. Christie has also helped me with my pelvic pain associated with endometriosis. My journey with Christie has given me the freedom from medication and illness.In addition, Christie has helped me in shifting my perspective with my new found freedom and improved state of being. My enhanced consciousness/ awareness from Christie's masterful teachings have added a beautiful and peaceful dimension to my life. She is a healer, a friend, and a God sent angel! Thank you Christie.   

- V.F.
Source Healing is a place where I can rest, be myself and experience the power within me. The space is bright and inviting. The staff is fantastic, and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed since I started about a year and a half ago. 

- S.S.
When I met Christie and first came to Source Healing just about a year ago, I had experienced years, decades, of paralyzing depression, negative behaviors, bad choices, and what seemed to me to be my lot in life‚to never be as happy or comfortable in my own skin as I saw other people. After trying counseling and prescription drugs, neither of which seemed to make measurable or consistent difference in my outlook, a friend gently suggested that I speak with Christie and see what acupuncture might do for me. That first meeting seemed a little scary, until I met Christie and immediately I knew that this was a person who genuinely wanted nothing more than to help me get past whatever it was that was keeping me from that feeling of being okay that I had searched for me entire adult life. Christie was understanding, patient, but thorough in assessing where I was and what steps she would take with me.

Christie tells me that not one person's experience with acupuncture is ever quite like another. But my first few sessions proved to be, literally, life-changing. Acupuncture, Christie's guidance, and some herbal medicines did for me what years of traditional Western efforts did not. My energy improved, my health and fitness improved, I was willing and able to see life as something that held the potential for happiness, even for me, and within two months of my first meeting with Christie, two major areas of my life that had caused me pain and sadness blossomed into sources of incredible happiness and growth.

Christie tells me that this was simply the universe responding to my openness to its possibilities. Christie and I still see each other every few months for my "tune-up" as she calls it, and I continue on this journey of exploration that I began with her such a short time ago. I credit her and her healing ability with every forward step I've made since then.
If you are seeking a different, more authentic way of being, I wish you as much joy and peace as I've found through Christie and Source Healing.   

- T.B.
I am a 37 year old man.Two and a half years ago, a girlfriend encouraged me to seek help for my "emotional problems." At the time I didn't really understand what she meant. Things were normal, actually pretty good, for me on the surface. Deep down, I did feel that life was a burden‚but I had always felt that way, for as long as I could remember. I assumed it was natural and that everyone else did too, and that fighting through it was the only way. Fortunately I took her advice and, because I didn't want to see a psychiatrist or take medication, and gave Source Healing a try. The guidance, support and treatments provided by Christie Jordan has enabled me to transcend an emotional black cloud that was, as it turns out, plaguing my life. It took time and effort, but the improvement in the way I feel today is extraordinary. My mind is clear and my body feels great (I had struggled with chronic pain resulting from my emotional state). Best of all, after going through the motions for so many years, I now have a positive attitude and am enjoying just being alive. Working with Christie is a unique and empowering experience that I would recommend to anyone who feels that something is "off" in his or her life, even if you can't exactly put a finger on what it is. 

- C.K.
After taking 4 rounds of steroids and antibiotics and having two surgeons tell me I needed to have sinus surgery, I was desperate to find an alternative solution. A close friend suggested Source Healing, so I booked an appointment as soon as I could.
I had a few sessions that were extremely helpful, but my third acupuncture session my acupuncturist got right to the solution of my issues and told me I was suffering from trapped grief. Three weeks after I suddenly lost my dog I was overcome with grief and suffered chronic sinus issues. The sinus pressure was almost debilitating and took over my existence for 6 months. I felt in my heart there was a connection between losing my best friend and my sudden sinus issues. When my acupuncturist told me the reason I felt the most cathartic release and knew she had found the root of my pain. Emotionally and physically.

It has been almost a month since that session and my chronic pressure has gone, and I am on the road to healing without surgery. I love that she had the common sense to link my emotional trauma to my very real physical manifestation of grief. This may not be the path for everyone, but it has worked wonders for me. The staff is professional, and the office is set up beautifully with natural light that pours in. I highly recommend this alternative route to healing!   

- Sara S. 

Source Healing is a place where I can rest, be myself and experience the power within me. The space is bright and inviting. The staff is fantastic, and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed since I started about a year and a half ago.
Christie takes the time to listen to every single concern I have and has this gift to make the heaviest load or stress feel like a feather! She is passionate about what she does, and it shows every time.

I would recommend acupuncture at Source Healing to anybody who needs physical or emotional support during difficult times. The use of herbs is very personalized and is a wonderful complement to the treatments.
Wonderful and serene space where you can really feel that the source of your healing is within yourself.   


- Karine K.

This place is wonderful! I met with Christie for my initial consultation and have been seeing her since.
Just stepping foot into the office feels like a therapeutic session in itself. You're met immediately with comfort and a relaxed, centered atmosphere.
Every session was incredible and I felt great for days/weeks afterward. The healers here take into account every aspect of your life and your self, and truly personalize your treatment to your individual needs - it's impossible to not feel incredibly taken care of and nurtured.
I highly recommend Source! Go just once - it's addicting and I guarantee you'll be back :)   

- Kristen L.
Source Healing, thank you so much for today. Though my back looks heavy, my heart feels light :). I truly feel that I was able to release so much which has allowed me many moments of pure love today. I am so grateful for our session this morning and I will continue to breathe in gold and exhale the monkey mind. I have tears of joy right now as I wait for my flight home to see my joyful little boys and my kind hearted husband! 

- K.D.
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