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I am currently pregnant.
Smiling Pregnant Woman
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If you are pregnant, you may be moving through feelings of excitement tempered by anxiety - based on your history with pregnancy or what you know your friends and family have moved through. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for finding your inner equilibrium through pregnancy. At Source Healing, we have been doing gentle, safe, holistic prenatal care for over 20 years. After working with us for fertility, our pregnant patients continue prenatal treatments to maintain the physiological and mental/emotional balance during a time of great change. The conscious habits of holistic self-care and acupuncture during pregnancy can bring equilibrium to common symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, pain, and more. 

Our general recommendations for prenatal acupuncture care are weekly during the first trimester, biweekly or monthly during the second trimester (given all is well), and from week 34 on, weekly care.

Additionally, we offer prenatal massage, and customized prenatal nutrition with our naturopath. You have a holistic team to assist you alongside your obstetrician during this important phase of your life. 




In the last trimester, we recommend pre-birth acupuncture treatments weekly or twice weekly to assist you physically and mentally with the 'letting go' process, which in turn facilitates the birthing process. The birthing process is the ultimate experience in letting go. If during the 3rd trimester a breech presentation arises, we can assist by safely and gently performing the technique of moxabustion to encourage your body to naturally turn your baby's head down.    

Where do I start?


Book a Consultation or an Initial Eval + Acupuncture Treatment (80min).

"I was referred to Christie two years ago by a friend. I was having problems regulating my cycle for two years, and was looking to have my third child. My friend said, "You have to go to Source Healing and meet with Christie, she works wonders." Well sure enough she did. Within weeks I had my period, and within two months I was pregnant. I have been seeing Christie weekly ever since, and she has helped me in more than a pregnancy. Christie is able to bring balance to people's lives and has made me a better person for that. She builds a one on one relationship and is completely in tune with individual needs. Christie becomes a friend you can trust. Thank you Christie and your team for all your help."  - J.L.


Source Healing has been optimizing fertility holistically since 1999, well before it was used in the mainstream. We want you to feel supported during a time that can bring strong emotions that run the spectrum… from joy to disappointment… from fear to hope. We also help you find mindful balance to enable you to be present in your life and relationships, as well as empower you to strengthen your relationship with your physical and emotional body, positioning you to serve as your best advocate on the winding fertility journey.


For over two decades, we have supported women and men in this journey. We have also have the training and accreditations it takes to do it well and with presence.  


Whether you hope to conceive naturally, increase your chances with IVF or IUI, or optimize egg quality for egg freezing, we partner with you on your unique path. While our patients are often told their fertility is unexplained, we provide you with an understanding of your body from a Chinese medicine perspective, based on your symptoms and constitutional patterns. As we get to know you, the emphasis will be on optimizing your wellness and giving yourself permission for receiving nourishment and self-care, as well as guiding you on how to receive for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum resilience. 


Our acupuncturists methods are rooted in an evidence-based Chinese medicine approach that includes a blend of acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, nutritional guidelines, and potentially lifestyle recommendations. Additionally, our founder Christie Jordan can offer intuitive energetic guidance and mindset training to balance mind, body, and spirit. As part of the Source Healing difference, all of our practitioners work collaboratively, so we encourage you to see  works as a collective, conducting "think-tanks" on each individual case so that you are benefitting from multiple perspectives and styles. 

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