For over 2,000 years, Chinese medicine tended to the specific needs of men. We work to harmonize the body to alleviate both the symptoms and root causes of your physical stressors.

More and more men are turning to acupuncture to address their well-being holistically. These are top three reasons men come in for treatment:

Stress Management

Executive and professional men use acupuncture and the Source Method as a form of internal training to manage stress levels in their daily lives. With regular maintenance, our clients report being able to sleep better, able to handle more stress at work, and gracefully manage big changes in life. Many are able to reduce or get off sleep and anxiety medications as a result of care. Many also report increased energy and improved immune system as a result of maintenance. Stress is also smoothly managed through great transitions in life such as loss, moving, divorce, and change in the workplace. For more on our stress management treatments, please click here.

Pain and Sports Injury

Professional and amateur athletes use our services to not only relieve pain and address injury but also for increased focus and performance. When the whole body and organ systems are addressed on a root level, the body can then work more effectively and efficiently so that you can meet your physical goals. Keeping the body’s qi flowing and fluid with acupuncture reduces the likelihood of injury, speeds up recovery time, and reduces inflammation. It also helps the body stay vibrant and youthful.

Male Infertility

Nearly half of all infertility cases are contributed by male infertility. The three factors that lead to male infertility are sperm count, motility (movement), and morphology (shape and size). Varicocele can also be addressed with Chinese Medicine. From an Oriental Medicine perspective, improving male reproductive health is achieved by tonifying the kidney meridian, unblocking energy and blood circulation, and increasing the immune system and virility. Because it takes 70 days to generate new sperm, treatment time is approximately three months with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle shifts.