We understand the power of meditation and breathwork to combat everyday life stressors; we know, because we use the tools we teach in our everyday lives. During treatments, we not only teach our clients how to meditate and coach them through breathwork to help them enter states of deep relaxation, we tailor each meditation to the individual as a part of the Source Method.


Breathwork strengthens the immune system, increases oxygen in the blood, and decreases the release of stress hormones while increasing the blood flow in your body. Qi Gong is  one of the styles that we teach during treatments.  Simply put, it is the practice of intentional breathing and directing of energy through your body. Each treatment is infused with intentional breathwork as a tool for relaxation.

Awareness Training

Physical, mental awareness, and emotional awareness are all levels of awareness we tune into and train on during each session.  Becoming aware on all levels is a practice  that can improve well being for a lifetime.