Whenever there is a disruption in the flow of your qi (the vital energy in your body that is essential for good health) it leads to disease and disharmony. When your body exhibits any kind of symptoms – like headaches or bad digestion or insomnia for example – it is communicating that there are imbalances in the body.

Acupuncture (the insertion of fine, disposable needles into specific points in the body) is a way of communicating with the body to signal healing. Qi is highly responsive to this natural and ancient medical practice that dates back over two millennia.


In the initial treatment, our acupuncture sessions include a thorough evaluation and intake to determine the Root Diagnoses or Root Causes of the body’s disharmony. Based on these Root Diagnoses, the practitioner will pick points in the body to balance out and harmonize this root disharmony. Because this is a full service treatment, your practitioner may also incorporate adjunctive therapies such as guasha, cupping, moxibustion, and more to assist your body in healing.


Our practitioners don’t just offer you a quick fix; beginning at the initial appointment, you will be taught how to be preventative and maintain balanced health with herbs, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. They also offer meditation and breath work training to help modulate stress levels and maintain balance outside of the treatment room.


Laser Acupuncture

Low-level laser cold therapy is not like lasers used as scalpels in surgery; rather, CLT uses light emitting diodes (LEDs).  The laser penetrates the skin and is conducted through the same meridian points used in acupuncture, depositing energy into the cells. Recent studies show laser acupuncture has similar effects as a needle on the brain-stimulated when acupuncture points are targeted.

My life has evolved in such an amazing way since I began treatments with Christie Jordan at Source almost a year ago. In addition to healing my IBS, Christie continues to guide and teach me a healthier way of life physically, emotionally, and mentally through her incredible wisdom. Every time I walk through the door ... a sense of calm comes over me. Both my mind and my body know that whatever the ailment, whatever the stressor, Source Healing will help me overcome it.