The world can drag you out of center with its demands and noise. Yet we are at our strongest when we are able to remain placid amid the chaos and swirl. While the pressures and stresses in life may not change, the way you deal with them can. It begins by making fundamental changes that will create more balance, energy, and strength both mentally and physically.

The Source Method

The Source Method combines blend of Intuitive Acupuncture, custom Chinese herbs, Eastern Nutrition, guided meditations, energy work, breathwork, custom flower essence remedies, stones and minerals, nutraceuticals, lifestyle shifts, and other natural tools to assist clients in their health and well-being. We modernize these ancient healing arts in our studios to address many health complications that arise out of living in this modern world. Created by Christie Hwang Jordan, this proprietary method ensures an individualized session using acupuncture and Oriental Medicine blended with a spiritual, emotional, and energetic focus.

The Source Think Tank

As you see each of our practitioners, we work together weekly using the Source Methodâ„¢ to find the best action for your case. As part of the Source Healing group practice, our practitioners infuse the treatments with intuitive grace, deep listening, and gentle, expert guidance. Our whole team is here to support you.

Meditation and Awareness Training

As part of our proprietary process we teach a specific mindful meditation as a tool to modulate stress levels. Additionally, we give you other natural tools and training to continue your self-care.