Nothing can drive you inward and limit your activities the way that pain does. Pain creates activity avoidance, fear, and begins to narrow your world with its persistence.

Source Healing acupuncturists are adept at treating pains in the body, leading to a better quality of life and even improved sports performance. Mental focus and endurance during sports training is also something that is treated.

The following is a list of disharmonies in the body commonly treated at Source:

Low back pain
Neck & shoulder pain
Knee pain
Foot pain
Golfer's elbow
Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel
Headaches & migraines
Acute pain post injury

"As an avid runner, I was plagued by pain in my left hip and leg, probably due to overuse. That coupled with the fact that my job is very sedentary caused much discomfort during the day. Regular massages were a temporary solution to a chronic problem. Deciding to try acupuncture was one of the best things I have done in terms of tending to my overall health and well being. My pain has been reduced by at least 90% and I feel great. "