The path to parenthood can bring strong emotions that run the spectrum, from joy to disappointment, from fear to hope. As the path begins to wind, so do the emotions and expectations. Yet this is a time when the body and spirit need the most harmony to create.

At Source Healing, we assist women in preparing their bodies for conceiving by creating a balanced environment. We understand that every person’s body is different, and what works for one person may or may not work for another. Therefore, we take the time to get to know your body, and we balance it accordingly without a “program” or one size fits all approach. With acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary guidelines, accessory techniques, breath work, and meditation, our practitioners work with women in balancing the whole body, affecting the quality of eggs and the strength of the body to maintain a pregnancy to term.

"I began seeing Christie several years ago after my physician recommended acupuncture to help treat my unexplained infertility. I, like many who have sought acupuncture as a treatment, was a bit of a skeptic. It didn’t take long, however, for Christie to win me over. I was, by all accounts, a tough case for Christie. By the time she began treating me, I was undergoing what would be my fourth unsuccessful IVF and beginning treatment out of state. I can honestly say that if not for Christie, I would not be where I am today. There is not a doubt in my mind that she had everything to do with my eventual success (I now have two children) … but more than that, Christie became a friend to me ... She guided me far beyond the treatment room, making recommendations of books for me to read, diet changes to consider, and new eyes with which to view my then situation. She taught me to start believing in myself … and, in the end, to heal from within. "

Prepare Your Body to Conceive

Whether you are single, about to get married, or already partnered, prepping your body to conceive is an essential step when you are ready. Most women miss this opportunity for balance before they try to conceive and, in doing so, make the process emotionally and physically difficult if they don’t get pregnant readily. To get you ready, we will focus on your menstrual cycle, digestion, sleep, and anxiety levels as well as other systems in your body to start the balancing process. Additionally, we will give you tools to manage stress and put you on a path of deeper awareness of your body so that you in turn teach your children.

Actively Trying To Conceive

Without Medical Assistance

If you have been trying to conceive naturally for a while, there is nothing more frustrating than the onset of a menstrual cycle. We as women are taught from teen years how NOT to get pregnant. When we are finally ready, we feel that we should flip a switch and it should work immediately. For some people, it works like that. For many more people, it takes some mental, emotional, and physical balancing and lifestyle shifts for the body to be ready. We can help you get your body back into a more balanced state so if you continue to try naturally, your body can be in a better place to receive a pregnancy.

Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART)

Should you choose to enter into IVF or IUI, our team can work with the body’s balance as you are going through the entire process. Many scientific studies show the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with ART. We support these studies and their findings. However, Source Healing goes further and takes the time and energy to incorporate the points that are specific to your unique constitution and situation.

Recurrent Miscarriages

Miscarriages are heartbreaking and disappointing. What often follows is anxiety and fear when you attempt to get pregnant again. We will address not only the physical needs by strengthening the body, we will assist you through this process (whether with or without ART) in a way that addresses your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.


If you need help regulating your cycle and balancing your hormones so you can get pregnant, we can help. In fact, getting women with PCOS prepared for pregnancy is one of our specialties.

Male Infertility

Nearly half of all infertility cases are attributed to male infertility. The three factors that lead to male fertility are sperm count, motility (movement), and morphology (shape and size). Varicocele can also be addressed with Chinese Medicine. From an Oriental Medicine perspective, improving male reproductive health is achieved by tonifying the kidney meridian, unblocking energy, blood circulation, and increasing the immune system and virility. Because it takes 70 days to generate new sperm, treatment time is approximately three months with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle shifts.

How We Do It

For the initial consultation/treatment, we will map out a plan that is both attainable and understandable. From dietary shifts, emotional strengthening, herbal therapy, energetic openings, breath work, meditation training, and lifestyle counseling, we will help guide you every step of the way. At Source Healing our practitioners work together throughout your time here so you are getting multiple perspectives and the best care. We often recommend 12 sessions for three months (or three menstrual cycles) or one session a week for three months. Source Healing offers a 12 session fertility package.