Introducing: Source Partners

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We are proud to announce Source Partners!

We have been collaborating with great MD’s through the years, and we decided to introduce these doctors through a series called “Source Partners.”

What makes them a Source Partner? 
When we find an MD who is passionate about assisting people in their healing process, and empowering them to take an active role in their health, we can’t get enough. It is what we do at Source Healing with our respective medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine. These MDs, trained in Western medicine, are kind-hearted, have unique voices, and are extremely knowledgeable in their discipline. We are fortunate to have found them, and we would like to share our great gem-like finds with our patients on a regular basis so you can pull together your team of health resources to best suit your healing needs.

FIRST UP: Dr. John Stracks, MD Integrative Medicine

Dr. Stracks is our first gem of a doctor we would like you to know. He is a leading voice for holistic medical care in Chicago. His practice specializes in integrative medicine, primary care, thyroid disease management, and mindbody approaches to successfully manage and overcome chronic pain and illness. His pioneering approach and his dedication to treating the whole person provide an alternative perspective on medical care as well as hope and improved health to patients who have exhausted all other options.

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