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Holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine Pediatrics

We are excited to announce holistic pediatrics service as a part of the Source Healing practice.  Although we have treated children and teens throughout the last 17 years, our treatment was limited to children of current clients.  Because we believe that parents should have more options and feel empowered to help their children, we have decided to open our doors to treat all children.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest and the second largest known system of pediatrics in the world.  TCM health solutions have been used with children for over 2000 years.  Chinese Medicine’s strong suit is balancing systems by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself at a root level, so that symptoms don’t come back as frequently or intensely.  It takes time and effort to balance out systems, but it’s worth it in the long run.  Investing the time and effort in your child’s health now sets them up for a mindset of balance and prevention.  Most important, it teaches them to listen to and trust their bodies and know when to use the many tools for self-care that are available to them for their health and well-being.


What are the modalities you use on children?


Herbal Therapy

Dietary Therapy

Tui Na or Acupressure

Laser Acupuncture


Qi Gong Energy Work

Breathwork Meditation

Shoni-Shin – bodywork with small non skin penetrating metal tools designed to stimulate Qi or energy at acupuncture points and move it through the channels.

Flower Essences


What are the top issues you can assist children with using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

cold/flu (headaches, chronic ear infections, poor immune system)

sleep (nightmares, fatigue)

stress/anxiety (tantrums, depression)

digestion (constipation, diarrhea, tummy aches)

pain (growing pains, sports injuries)

skin (eczema, rashes)


chronic asthma (cough/wheeze)

How often does my child need to come in for treatments?

It depends on how acute or chronic the symptom is.  If it’s acute, like a cold or flu or even some types of pain, it can take 2-5 treatments in a short series within two weeks.  Generally, the more systemic or chronic a symptom is, the longer it can take to treat it and balance it at a foundational or root level.  The great news is, what you learn to balance now with your child is an education in your child’s health and well being for the future.   Many times on foundational level treatments, the symptoms will get better or be long gone before the system is balanced and it can take months to balance systems.  Once the kids are feeling and sustaining a balance, we recommend spacing the treatments out more and we recommend “tune-ups” to keep the body strong and resilient.  Because this is prevention, once a symptom is treated on a root or foundational level, learning how to take care and maintain that balance is key.  We can help you with that.

How long does a treatment last?

The initial treatment can take 45-60 minutes because it requires a thorough intake as well as a treatment.  An initial report is sent out after the first treatment.

A return treatment can be performed in 10 to 25 minutes depending on the age of the child and the severity of the illness.

How do you work in conjunction with Western medical professionals?

We work in conjunction with your pediatrician, and we are not a replacement for your MD.  In fact, it is always a good thing to check in with your child’s pediatrician.

We are able to assist children and parents in making foundational shifts to be able to sustain a balance with a preventative mindset so the symptom your child is coming in for continues to get better on a root level; we differentiate what we do in TCM from the advantages of Western-based treatment.  We request that you check in with your pediatrician for most acute conditions.

What if my child doesn’t like the taste of the herbs?

Most of the Chinese herbal medicine dispensed at Source Healing will be powder or liquid form administered with an eye-dropper. Generally, the earlier you introduce herbs to a child, the more the taste becomes part of the routine or medicine.  Our recommendation is to start them early as needed, so it’s not a foreign taste later on in life.  Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest, most sophisticated and powerful herbal medicine systems in the world.  It simply takes getting used to, and it’s well worth getting used to the herbal taste for the results.  All our practitioners are National Board Certified in Chinese Herbs by the NCCAOM.

Will acupuncture hurt my child?

We assess each child for readiness and elemental disposition.  Our main priority is that your child feels safe and comfortable during treatments.  Although acupuncture is generally not painful  (we do expect some sensation, like a dull ache or pulsation at or near the point), we will never ‘trick’ children into receiving acupuncture if they are fearful; there are many modalities we can use to help move energy in your child’s body, even without needles.

How do the needles work?

The needles work in a variety of ways: They stimulate blood flow through carefully chosen nerve pathways throughout the body.  By assisting the body into entering the parasympathetic mode of the central nervous system, the immune system is boosted, digestive function increases, and blockages that may be causing pain and stagnation can be removed and effectively processed out by the body.   Needles can be inserted at certain points and immediately pulled or it may be left in for a few minutes depending on age of the child.  Because the energy of a child is generally at the surface of the body, Qi can be effectively reached and directed with other non-needle tools such as shonishin, laser acupuncture, and acupressure.

Do I come in with my child during treatment?  Can I drop off my older child and pick them up after?

We recommend that children 8 and under have a parent or guardian in the treatment room with them.  From ages of 8-12, we let the child and parent together decide if the parent will be in the room.  We request the parent or caregiver stay on premise when a child is under 12.  From age 12 on, parents can drop off and pick up.

What do I do about ear infections?

In TCM, recurrent ear infections are generally a sign of digestive and immune imbalance or weakness.  We teach parents and children steps they can take to diminish recurrence.  During treatment, we will use acupuncture or acupressure, and recommend herbs and dietary and lifestyle shifts.  Additionally, helping children practice mindfulness and strengthen their mind-body connection through breathing will help digestion, the immune system, and will set them up to modulate their stress levels throughout life.

Is TCM pediatrics  Right for me and my family?

Yes – if you are willing to administer to your child and create small and incremental lifestyle and dietary shifts that can make a difference with your whole family, incorporating TCM pediatrics can be a game changer.  Expecting results over time and months (as opposed to after a few treatments) is a realistic expectation for chronic conditions.  Source Healing can be a trusted resource on your expert team of healthcare professionals.

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